"Aliyah is one of the greatest things a Jew can do today. We have been praying for thousands of years to return to the Land of Israel and our generation is finally, miraculously, privileged to be able to live the dream. Perhaps an even greater miracle than that, is that so many Christians from around the world are trying to help us and partner with the Jewish people in rebuilding the Land and assisting Jews in moving there. From my dear friends Pastor David and Miriam Swaggerty, I have heard many good things about Operation Exodus and the work they have done over the years "helping the Jewish people return to Israel" in a non-proselytizing way and encouraging Jews to connect with their Judaism as they connect to their land. I am pleased to hear that Operation Exodus USA is building a new website to teach more Jews about Aliyah and encourage them to move "From Hope to Home."

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, Director of www.Israel365.com and Publisher of www.BreakingIsraelNews.com